Treatment and safe disposal of excreta in emergencies

Organisation: Université Laval

Location: Quebec City, Canada

Type of grant: Core – invention

Status: Completed

A potentially simple and low-cost method for the final disposal of human waste from emergency sanitation systems to safeguard public health.

What humanitarian need is being addressed?

This innovation addresses the current lack of options by which to safely dispose of human waste from emergency sanitation systems.

What is the innovative solution?

This innovation is at the invention stage of a product/process. The overall objective of this project is the proof-of-concept of a waste treatment process that can be potentially scaled-up and applied to emergency contexts.

How does the innovation build on and improve existing humanitarian practice?

There are currently very few “packaged” options for human waste treatment that can be rapidly deployed in humanitarian crises. Thus, this project seeks to contribute to humanitarian practice by pioneering solutions for the sector.
What materials or research outputs are likely to be produced?’

By the end of this small grant project it is hoped that the potential for scale-up of the proposed system can be evaluated alongside a blueprint of a pilot-scale system to be assessed in the near future.

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