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Victims of humanitarian disasters often lose their basic legal and administrative documents which are necessary to prove their identity and ownership of property. This leads to difficulty for obtaining refugee/internally displaced person status, accessing aid programmes and rebuilding livelihoods. This is compunded by damaged infrastructures that cause slow bureaucratic processes. Microjustice4All aims to meet basic legal needs by providing accessible and affordable standardised legal services so that those affected by crises enjoy the same rights as the rest of the population.



This is an extract of the ‘Microjustice4All Methodology Handbook: How to Set Up a Microjustice4All Program’ which covers setting up and running micro-justice programmes. The full document and toolkit can be accessed for free by contacting Patricia van Nispen, founder and director of Microjustice4All.








This is an extract from the ‘Microjustice4All Handbook for Humanitarian Crises’, which includes Microjustice4All’s methodology in general; the importance of micro-justice programmes within humanitarian aid projects including an overview of their product portfolio, tools and systems; guidance on how to set up a micro-justice programme in various phases of disaster management; and shares some of Microjustice4All’s experiences. To receive a full copy please contact Patricia van Nispen.


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