HIF Innovating WASH: Project Health Check

The HIF WASHi Project: Project Health Check was commissioned at the start of August 2014 to take place over the period August-September 2014. The purpose of the health check was to,

“…. provide a basic validity check for the processes and follow up that have taken place to date within the WASH workstream, and make suggestions as to how the next round of challenges could be improved. It will also serve a secondary function in assisting the HIF in shaping the future direction of its grant making and innovation support beyond the WASH work stream.”

The WASH Project was initiated as part of the current round of funding from DFID. The project was designed to add to HIFs “non-directed” innovation of the small and large open grant facilities, with a more “directed” innovation funding and workstream for WASH innovation; a technical area that it was felt needed a push to find new solutions.

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