Handwashing Challenge 2016: The shortlist

The 7 shortlisted teams invited along to our Handwashing Challenge Innovation Sprint in June, came together for two days to develop their ideas to innovate handwashing through three key areas; behaviour change, soap alternatives and better WASH facilities.

At the event, we grabbed a few minutes with each team so they could tell us more about their innovation idea and why they should be funded!

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Team 1: Terre des Hommes, John Hopkins, GRID Impact

Project Idea:
An online game, Nazeef (which means clean in Arabic ) designed to engage children in a new way of learning by playing. This idea has already been designed and tested in 43 schools in Gaza.


Team 2: Save the Children UK, LSHTM, Field Ready

Project Idea: Locally produced soaps with appealing colours and/or shapes will be created with hidden “surprises”. These “surprises” (tailored to both children and adults) will provide an incentive to use soap, thus increasing handwashing behaviour. Elements of fun, curiosity and financial interest in synergy will boost the handwashing practices!

Team 3:

No Strings International

Project Idea: Mothers and children watch a fun, motivational puppet film made by creators of the original Muppet Show, introducing key messages on handwashing. Trained local partner staff then facilitate a series of innovative, age-approprite play and puppet activities so beneficiaries make their own personal connections within the cultural context.

Team 4: Real Relief

Project Idea: Real Relief’s idea is to provide a durable fabric with a permanent anti-microbial bonding. The fabric is dipped in water, then rubbed against your hands where the microbes or pathogens are transferred to the fabric and killed.

Team 5:
iSafe Innovation Ltd, Islamic Relief Academy, Loughborough University, Anglia Ruskin University

Project Idea: A mixture of sand and biodegradable disinfectant is proposed as an alternative to normal soap. The mixture will be dispensed from a specially designed dispenser.

Team 6: ACF Spain, LSHTM

Project Idea: Moringa oleifera is a tree distributed in tropical and subtropical regions.  It has antimicrobial activity against many human pathogens that can be found in water. The idea is to use leaves of Moringa for handwashing as a substitute of soap and water.  This has special interest in emergencies and scenarios of scarcity in water or soap.

Team 7:

Oxfam, Beech Grove Academy UK

Project Idea: Development of a handwashing station in kit-form (superstructure, water storage container, water-conserving dispenser). It will be durable, low-cost, easy to transport and set-up simultaneously with latrine kits, easily replicable using local materials and easy to manage and maintain. the design will be inviting to use to increase handwashing.


Thanks to our event creatives and facilitators, Mensch, for the creation of these videos!

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