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The three winners have the potential to make a significant difference to the lives of people affected by crises, this represents a tremendous opportunity to bring about widespread and sustained transformative change in the longer-term. Each project is deeply rooted in the empowerment of local people affected by crises.

Each team faces a different scaling challenge: deploying new technology in different contexts, establishing methods of replicating programmes, and pioneering new markets. Whatever the route to scale chosen, we will be supporting these innovations grow, and we believe they will contribute greatly towards the body of knowledge on scaling humanitarian innovations.

Field Ready

‘Manufacturing Humanitarian Supplies in the Field’ works with local communities to identify product requirements, and manufacture critical items at the point of need using design and manufacturing technology such as 3D printers. Field Ready’s projected pathway to scale involves an initial ‘scale up’ investment to increase the number of deployments. To build on their successes in Haiti and Nepal they’re working with partners to create, iterate and certify new designs and techniques. With more deployments to generate core costs, the next phase will ‘scale out’ capabilities by developing distributed manufacturing techniques. Then, they will develop distributed manufacturing capabilities, including easy-to-use small manufacturing kits that are funded, licenced or sold to produce larger and larger quantities of certain categories of ‘field ready’-certified supplies.

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Panzi Foundation & Make Music Matter

‘Healing in Harmony’ aims heal to traumatised individuals and populations through writing, recording, and professionally producing songs about their experiences, transforming pain to power. The first phase of Panzi’s scaling strategy is to refine and develop the methodology of their solidarity-based affiliate partnership approach, and to generate further evidence to support its replication in different contexts. In the second phase, Panzi Foundation and Make Music Matter hope to scale up this project to dozens of health centres and institutions throughout Congo, and to be ready to test their methodology and model in sites outside of Congo.

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Translators Without Borders

‘Words of Relief’ aims to enable local communities to better communicate with relief workers, so they can provide and receive information on the challenges they face. TWB’s pathway to scale involves developing the platform to meet emergent needs (such as on-the-ground interpretation and voice capabilities), developing new and more effective outlets for disseminating vital information directly to affected populations, promoting increased use of the platform across a broader spectrum of humanitarian NGOs, and implementing a new business model to ensure the long-term sustainability of its services.

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