Support Package

In addition to receiving a £400,000 grant, the three scale teams have access to an advisory support package that draws on the unique position of the HIF within the humanitarian innovation space. We have made our experience and internal resources available to support critical areas of the Scale Journeys.

The Advisory Support Package currently includes the following core components:

COACHING: The HIF is monitoring the overall programme support needs and the contractual requirements of each grant. In addition, through monthly consultations or field visits, we are supporting the teams to maintain a strategic long-term vision towards sustainability whilst drawing out learnings for the wider sector.

MENTORING: Ian Gray, Director at Gray Dot Catalyst, is providing ongoing mentoring support in Innovation Management to the three teams through remote consultations whilst sharing with the cohort emerging approaches and thinking from the sector and beyond to nourish the exchanges.

M&E ADVISORY SUPPORT: Elrha’s Senior Research Adviser Josiah Kaplan will provide M&E advisory support through remote consultations to ensure high quality M&E of the projects.

TAILORED THEMATIC SUPPORT: Throughout the two years and at the point of need, grantees will be provided with further learning opportunities on shared or individual scaling challenges (thematic webinars, particular technical expert advice etc).


Since the beginning of this initiative we have been seeking to introduce the teams to cutting-edge innovation management tools and methodologies that have proven useful when looking at taking a pilot to scale.

We will be consistently adding new tools that will be valuable to supporting the Journey to Scale.

Scale tool Assessment mapThe Scaling Assessment Map: This tool was developed by Ian Gray and Dan McClure to support the evaluation and planning for pilot innovation programmes embarking on the Scale Up journey. This particular design for a scaling assessment is based on their prior work exploring the diverse challenges an innovation team must meet when working to create a sustainable ecosystem around their idea. Creative Commons licence terms.


Business Model CanvasBusiness Model Canvas: The humanitarian sector increasingly acknowledges the need to ‘Build Business Models for Sustainability at Scale,’to avoid successful pilots stalling. In recognition of this problem, we thought that the application of the Business Model Canvas Methodology devised by Osterwalder.


TOCAM-I: This tool is an Adaptive Management Tool that has been developed by Ian Gray for The Toybox Charity and has been tailored to the scaling stage of innovation management for the HIF initiative. It is available as an adaptive management tool that is more in line with innovation projects than more traditional log frame models. This tool will be trialled through the HIF initiative and its final version adapted to the Scale stage made accessible to all innovators at the end of the initiative on the HIF website. Creative Commons licence terms.

Tool Coming Soon!

Progress to Scale Framework

Scaling any innovation is a difficult journey and far from an exact science. Scaling innovations in the humanitarian sector, with it’s harsh environments and complex challenges, is something we know even less about. As a part of our Accelerating the Journey to Scale initiative we have developed a tool, the Progress to Scale Framework, which helps funders and innovators in the humanitarian sector track progress to scale, and understand what support is needed for innovations reaching large scale impact.

Drawing on research and best practices, the framework is divided into five critical areas of understanding. These are the major puzzle pieces that innovators need to have in place in order to scale successfully. For each area there is a set of questions to answer as well as suggested next steps/actions.

Scale Framework Graphic

Illustration of the Progress to Scale Framework’s five areas of understanding in order for humanitarian innovations to reach sustainable impact at scale.

Get started: Download our FREE Progress to Scale Framework

Read our blog to find out more about the Progress to Scale Framework.

We’re continuously working to develop the framework and improve it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, email us at

Key Contributors

Several leading thinkers and experts from the humanitarian and innovation space have already contributed to the success of the initiative to date. Interested in joining the conversation or bringing your experience and ideas? Let us know at @HIF #JourneytoScale

Scaling Innovation

Ian GrayScreen Shot 2017-04-26 at 14.11.57, Director at Gray Dot Catalyst 
Ian works with businesses, third sector organisations and donors, advising them on strategy, innovation and partnering. He has over 15 years’ experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, holding senior positions in strategy, humanitarian, policy and innovation. Ian has supported the strategy development for a number of international NGOs and businesses, as well as facilitated cross-sector partnerships between private sector companies and development actors. He has trained and supported numerous organisations, from start-ups to UN agencies and donors on the development of new business models and innovation management.

Dan-McClureDan McClure, Innovation Design Lead for ThoughtWorks
Dan drives efforts to develop innovation practices with the potential to create disruptive systemic change. He has spent 30 years leading innovation initiatives and advising creative change agents in both the humanitarian and commercial sectors. Dan has published articles on the challenges associated with scaling innovations and advises on a number of programs supporting the scaling of humanitarian initiatives. His article, “Missing Middle” (link), with Ian Gray which discusses the innovation lifecycle, and has been presented at humanitarian conferences, was contributed to the World Humanitarian Summit.

M&E Support

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.21.40Alice Obrecht, Research Fellow, ALNAP
Alice is leading ALNAP’s work on effectiveness and innovation and is working to synthesise learning on innovation generated by the experiences of Humanitarian Innovation Fund grantees. She has also overseen the production of a set of briefing papers on effectiveness as part of ALNAP’s contribution to the WHS consultative process. She has a PhD from the London School of Economics.


Humanitarian to Humanitarian Selling

Imanol Echevarria, Global Therapy Area Lead (VP) – Anti Infectives, Pfizer
Imanol is a proven leader within the pharmaceutical sector, he has a broad base of experience in sales and account management, marketing, commercial development and tendering; bringing a structured and creative approach to solving identified challenging business situations.

Martijn Blansjaar, Head of Logistics and Supply, Oxfam GB 
Martijn joined the International Division of Oxfam GB as Head of Logistics and Supply in their headquarters in Oxford in 2006. Outside his regular jobs he is active in various aid-sector initiatives on the promotion and development of Humanitarian Logistics.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.21.29Joe Tan, Deputy Head of Partnerships and Legal Services, A4ID 
Joe is the Deputy Head of Partnerships & Legal Services at Advocates for International Development and manages an international pro bono service to assist non-profit organisations and social enterprises with their legal needs. Joe has over 15 years of experience as a lawyer and legal advisor in the private, government and non-profit sectors as well as international organisations.


Investment and revenue streams

Jonathan Robinson, Director of the new, The Guardian
Jonathan is an entrepreneur, author and anthropologist. He co-founded and directed ‘Impact Hub’ which provides physical spaces in over 80 cities around the world offering access to events, knowledge, investment and tools to help start and grow social enterprises. Jonathan has launched ventures with partners ranging from the UK Cabinet Office, Guardian Media Group and Tate Modern to UNICEF and peace entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

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