THE HIF SCALIng initiative

Working with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we launched this ambitious new area of work in April 2016, building on five years’ experience in innovation management within the HIF and beyond.

During that time, we supported over 80 innovations through development and implementation, enabling the creation of successful prototypes and pilots.

From these success stories, we recognised the level of complexity involved when scaling innovation – even innovations which showed signs of success at early stages of development often struggled to sustain themselves. That’s why, through this new area of work, we’re seeking to better understand and support the process of scaling innovations which have the potential to bring about transformational change in the humanitarian system, and help millions of people across the globe who are affected by crises and disasters each year.




what do we mean by scale?

For us, ‘scale’ means building on demonstrated successes to ensure solutions reach their maximum potential, have the greatest possible impact, and lead to widespread change.

In the case of the humanitarian system, this is about having the maximum possible benefit for those people caught up in crises and disasters, saving lives and reduces the suffering caused by humanitarian emergencies, and contributing to a sustainable humanitarian system with affected people at its heart.


follow the journey


The application deadline to apply for funding has now closed and we are currently shortlisting.

Follow the ‘journey to scale’ initiative on Twitter at @the_HIF via #journeytoscale and keep up to date with the latest news.

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