Claire Dusonchet

Claire Dusonchet

HIF Team

Innovation Adviser

Claire has extensive experience working on innovation projects related to urban development and construction. She holds an MA in Eco-Innovation Management from the University of Versailles and an MA in Architecture from the ENSAL in Lyon.

She began her career working as an architect on a wide range of projects, including offices, residential buildings and cultural facilities in France and Canada. Subsequently she worked on innovation projects with leading industrial companies including GDF Suez and Lafarge, focusing on quick-win replicable projects such as waste management solutions and sustainable information service.Claire was involved in structuring the whole innovation process from marketing studies to technical development and implementation. In addition, she has worked on prospective programs such as City and Building of Tomorrow, Affordable Housing and Low-Carbon Building. Claire has developed a strong interest in innovative partnerships, especially those bringing on board actors from various different backgrounds.

Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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