The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) is one of Elrha’s programmes. There are several groups involved in the effective delivery of the HIF Programme: the Elrha Board of Trustees, the Team; the Advisory Group, the Funding Committee, and the Technical Working Groups.

The Elrha Board of Trustees

The Elrha Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the organisation; it approves Elrha’s strategic direction, including its programmes, and ensures Elrha is focused on delivering against its strategy, vision and mission and is responsible for ensuring Elrha is legally compliant.

The HIF Team

The HIF team are responsible for the management of the Fund.

The HIF Advisory Group

The HIF Advisory Group advises the Elrha Board of Trustees on the strategic direction of the programme and supports the HIF team with technical advice and recommendations regarding programmatic priorities, setting the direction and framework for grant-making, and selecting Funding Committee members. The Chair of the Advisory Group reports to the Elrha Board of Trustees.

The HIF Funding Committee

The Funding Committee consists of independent experts representing a range of knowledge and expertise of various humanitarian programming sectors, as well as innovation processes more generally. All members are independent volunteers and provide assessment and recommendation on funding decisions. The Chair of the Funding Committee reports to the HIF Advisory Group Chair.

The Funding Committee has the authority to make funding decisions up to the amounts agreed in the budget. Its decision-making must follow the agreed process, which varies depending on the size of the grant, but in all cases is independent, transparent and pre-agreed.

Technical Working Groups

The Technical Working Groups provide a greater depth of technical expertise in thematic areas we are focusing on. The HIF Advisory Group delegates their duties to the Technical Working Groups in these specific thematic areas. The Chairs of the Technical Working Groups report to the HIF Advisory Group.


The HIF’s WASH Technical Working Group supports detailed exploration of the gaps in innovation identified by the WASH sector, and developing and refining a number of specific challenges most suited to being approached through facilitated innovation processes.


The GBV Technical Working Group provides expert support to guide the first year of the GBV programme. Chaired by Elrha’s Director Jess Camburn, members of the group include leading GBV experts, researchers, and practitioners at policy and implementation level from areas such as health, human rights, or child protection.


Elrha is a registered charity in England and Wales (1177110).

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