The partnership of the MSQ project

The aim of the MSQ project is the development and pilot trial of a field test kit for microbial quality control and the detection of human pathogens throughout the treatment process of faecal sludge in urban humanitarian aid settings.

The project consortium consists of the following four organisations, which will jointly develop the MSQ field test kit. The consortium offers a good balance between researchers, users and suppliers. The consortium has combined experience in research, development and implementation of sanitation systems.

BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna is a teaching and research institution with a focus on renewable resources and life sciences. The Institute of Environmental Biotechnology at IFA (Department of Agrobiotechnology) is concerned with investigations on biological processes and technical solutions for the protection and preservation of the environment. Major research areas are anaerobic digestion, treatment of water effluents, contaminated soil and exhaust emissions. Other areas are the development of new processes and innovative technologies for the conversion of waste or by-products from agriculture and industry into valuable products or as energy source.

BOKU Team.BOKU logo by BOKU, Picture of Bousek & Fuchs; pics by Johannes Bousek


Austrian Red Cross (AutRC), founded in 1880, is independent non-profit organization, guided by the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Movement. The Department of International Cooperation provides Humanitarian Aid and carries out long-term development cooperation projects. The AutRC enjoys an excellent reputation and long experience in the water and sanitation sector.
AutRC Team. AutRC logo by Austrian Red Cross; Ecker & Bäuerl; by Johannes Bousek & Magdalena Bäuerl


WASTE is a not for profit organization specialized in sanitation in emerging markets. WASTE has a solid base of 30 years of experience in the urban and peri-urban sanitation and solid waste sector and has an extensive network in about 30 low and middle income countries. Waste currently operates several projects active in which treatment processes are tested. It will provide access to the pilot test site and support the operation of the treatment plant and the field test kit during the pilot trial.

Butyl Products Ltd. founded in 1965 and based in Billericay, UK. It designs and manufactures supply, storage, treatment, and water distribution systems for liquid containment applications. The company also offers emergency aid equipment for WASH disaster relief. It is very well connected in the humanitarian aid community and has organizations like IFRC, ICRC or OXFAM as its customers.


Waste & Butyl Team. Waste logo. Butyl logo. Picture of Spit & Hayes, by Jan Spit & Adam Hayes

Author: Johannes Bousek, BOKU

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