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Innovation in conflict-affected emergencies…


In the last blog we shared the stories of Oksana Saenko – a potential beneficiary of the MApps project. In this blog we want to take one step back and…

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An exploration of infection control practice in West Africa


Recap from last blog In March/ April 2015, a member of the Johns Hopkins team, Dr. Adaora Chima paid preliminary visits to the participating hospitals in Nigeria and Ghana with…

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Waste to Value Sanitation for Humanitarian Response


In sanitation, Waste to Value (WTV) refers to systems that convert human waste into energy, fertilizer, and other byproducts. WTV systems for urban sanitation are now widely considered desirable in…

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Everyone has a story that deserves to be heard


An invaluable responsibility, when working in the international development and human rights sphere, is to ingest overwhelming facts and statistics and transform them into flesh and blood realities. Everyone has…

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Identifying Innovative Solutions at the Local Level


After successfully conducting a demand survey of small businesses to assess the demand for disaster microinsurance in Puri (Odisha) and Guwahati (Assam), a similar exercise was conducted in Cuddalore (Tamil…

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VirWaTest, 9 months later

At this moment, in the middle of the 18-months project, we are evaluating the efficiency of the developed concentration. Water samples are collected in 10-L foldable plastic containers and viruses…

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Raising Awareness in Asia and Pacific Regions

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) recently invited Motivation to run a workshop on the inclusion of wheelchair users in disaster preparedness and emergency response at their 6th Asia…

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Taking Sigmah to Scale


After a successful pilot phase in 2010-2012, Phase 2 of the project began in 2013 with support from the French Development Agency. The aim of phase 2 is to allow…

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Successes & challenges: automated collection & verification of crowdsourced information


Christophe Billen, Founder of People’s Intelligence, talks about the successes, challenges and next steps for their HIF-supported project to automate the collection and verification of crowdsourced information to improve humanitarian…

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Field Ready: News from Nepal

Our team has been up to some amazing work! In this brief note, I’d like to highlight two recent activities. First, Dara Dotz presented recently at TEDx in Kansas City…

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