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Users in Decision Making to Solve Sanitation Issues: The Beginning


1. Availability of Users Among the challenges faced every day in the field was availability of our targeted users (women), especially in protracted emergency settings, for ethnographic questions and field…

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Safeguarding: Communities trust in our ability to listen, react and respond is key

The importance of the link between feedback mechanisms and safeguarding is undeniable when pushing a survivor led approach. If the communities we are seeking to support do not trust us…

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Pastoralists in Northern Kenya develop ideas of their desired filter

In our last blog from Kenya, we described how we are evaluate five types of water filters in a small, pastoralist community called Ndikir in Marsabit county, an area in…

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Innovation and Bureaucracy


Innovation and change can be difficult to achieve in large organisations with well established routines. One avenue to spur innovation for the United Nations (UN) has been to partner with…

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Helping her community have a better future

“To help my community have a better future,” said Rashida, a 20-year-old Little Ripples teacher in refugee camp Mile, eastern Chad, when I asked her why she wanted to be…

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The adaptation of an IPV intervention

The adaptation process of a novel intervention to address intimate partner violence in a humanitarian setting: Lessons learned Following the project baseline data collection and initial piloting in Dollo Ado,…

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Improving MHM action in emergencies: developing and piloting practical tools


IFRC’s ongoing project aims to improve the dignity and health of women and girls in humanitarian contexts through advocacy, dissemination of best practices and lessons learnt, and development of specific…

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Baseline Data Collection

Baseline data collection As part of the pilot phase of the intimate partner violence prevention intervention, we collected baseline data in Bokolmayo camp in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. Prior to the…

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Rebuilding from the Rubble: Clearing Explosive Hazards in Post-conflict Environments

The intensity of the fighting in the Middle East since 2014 has left cities, from Mosul to Aleppo to Da’raa, in ruins. Homes, schools, hospitals and vital infrastructure are littered…

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Recognising World Refugee Day


World Refugee Day I recently travelled to the Bokolmayo refugee camp in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, to start the next phase of fieldwork, and I observed preparations to recognise World Refugee…

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