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Innovating in real time


The international response to the Ebola crisis was always playing catch up to an outbreak that for much of the time was out of control and unknown territory for most…

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Healthsites presentation to the WHO Health Data Forum


Webex presentation The value add to the MoH is the support for maintaining the accuracy and completeness of Health facility attributes and crucially publishing the data under an open data…

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Do Hazard Pictographs need Context?

What kind of pictographs are suitable to be used for natural disaster alerting? To find out, we were addressing marginalized communities with reading and writing problems in Sri Lanka and…

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Curriculum Adaptation Process and the Development of Logic Models

As has been indicated in the previous reports, the project team has collected sixty hours worth of qualitative data from the field, transcribed the data, and translated all Somali documents…

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Tiger worms: the little sanitation engineers


“What do you think about worms? Would you be comfortable working with worms?” Bagus Setyawan from Oxfam’s Global Humanitarian Team asked me while we are talking about solid waste management…

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The value of communicating in the local language

Albert Einstein once commented “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute solving it.” What is the…

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Learning from failure -and getting a second chance


Back in 2014 there were calls for innovation as the world faced its most challenging and sustained pandemic – the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. What lessons could be learnt…

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PREP1 Primary Research Update


Following the delivery of the Inception Report (D1) at the end of February 2017, the team at Trilateral have organising and conducting a series of primary research activities with representatives…

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User Interface — Beyond the Command Line

OpenDroneMap started as a command line program. This sets the bar unreasonably high for new users, so for some time a graphical interface has been on the wish list for…

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Domiz and Chamishko camps, Iraq

These are some photographs from the camps Simon and Andrew have been visiting to investigate the reuse of greywater, and also to install sustainable drainage and stabilisation agriculture.    …

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