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The Use of Small -Scale Sampling Surveys on Gender-Based Violence


Population-based surveys help us understand gender based violence (GBV) in communities. These types of surveys have consistently been shown to be ethical and reliable in conducting GBV research as well…

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Gathering Feedback on MSR’s Household Water Treatment System


Through a grant from Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), MSR Global Health is developing an exciting water treatment system designed to bring safe water to households in the developing world….

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Providing Problem Management Plus (PM+) Through Volunteers

Well into the second phase of the project, the organisations who participated in the problem management plus (PM+) training are busy disseminating PM+ across the globe by training staff, supervising…

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Our HIF-funded project is one that is geared towards the adaption and use of rapid community engagement methodologies to understand sanitation needs and practices of communities affected by emergencies. The…

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Making the First Hundred Better Body Bag Prototypes: Production


Our previous blogpost detailed the organisation phase required prior to the manufacturing the first hundred prototypes of the Better Body Bag. This blogpost will detail the production aspect of building…

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Handwashing kit faces its toughest and final test

Kyaka, Uganda, July 2018 It is very dry here at the moment and very dusty. There are little or no hand washing facilities and collecting clean water can be up…

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In the field with the SuperTowel!

It is 7.15 am on a Wednesday morning and for the 14th time in three weeks the big Landcruiser, with Wolay, the driver, behind the wheel, makes its way from…

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The power of partnerships: Panzi Foundation & Make Music Matter Scale Vlog #3


The power of partnerships on our journey to scale Recently on our journey to scale it’s become apparent that unlike many other sectors, the humanitarian sector rarely works with or…

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The future of humanitarian aid: Field Ready Scale Vlog #4

Localization is key We see the future of humanitarian aid where new ideas and technologies are readily embraced, and the development and management of such aid occurs at a local…

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How to communicate life-saving information: Translators without Borders Scale Vlog #4

Sometimes the numbers seem impossibly large. Around 8.5 million people need assistance in northeast Nigeria, including 1.7 million forced from their homes. Language diversity makes it harder for them to…

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