HOT Community Webinar hosts OpenAerialMap

OpenAerialMap (OAM) is a set of open source tools and an online platform for searching, sharing, and accessing openly licensed satellite and drone imagery. OAM provides a simple, open way to host and access imagery for humanitarian response and disaster preparedness.

On June 22, we joined the monthly Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Community Webinar to give an overview of the OpenAerialMap project.

The monthly webinar series focuses on sharing interesting and innovative activities and projects that are happening around the HOT community. This is a chance each month for the community to come together share new projects, discuss ideas, or attend a training on a new tool. For the June webinar, we gave a short overview of why OAM exists, how to find and use imagery, and our plans for future development.

You can download the slides or watch the full webinar below.

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