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A Bright Idea


Imagine going to the toilet was one of the most dangerous things you could do in a day. This is the situation for women living in refugee and IDP camps…

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Field Ready is shrinking the supply chain – Journey to Scale


Humanitarian supplies made in the field: It’s a simple idea with profound and far- reaching implications. At present, getting goods is a time consuming, expensive and cumbersome process. In South…

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Language, power and aid effectiveness – Journey to Scale

What’s in a word? A great deal, at times. For one refugee in Greece, the words to describe her illness were lacking because there were no interpreters at the hospital…

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Journey to Scale Begins!

I recently returned from my latest mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and am more excited than ever that we are launching the next phase of our…

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Erbil, 16th April 2017


Anyone who has seen a news bulletin set in a refugee camp is unlikely to be surprised by the crowded tents, rough dirt roads and inevitable air of dishevelment that…

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Erbil, 13th April 2017

Arriving in Kurdish Iraq’s administrative capital by plane is little more complicated than stepping off a bus – passport control and customs accepted. From the arrivals hall, a short bus…

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Encourage armed non-State actors (ANSAs) to tackle gender based violence

As thematic legal advisor for Geneva Call I cover the three main themes we work on currently: the ban on anti-personnel landmines, the protection of children from the effects of…

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Project site visit to Dohuk-Domiz refugee camp


We have completed all the ethics and risk assessments for the project, and we are now organising our first short trip to the research sites to gather the information needed…

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Pictograph-based Disaster Communication with Deaf Communities


After reaching out to low-literate communities in rural and urban Sri Lanka, we addressed another marginalized group in the Philippines: Deaf people. According to UNESCAP, people with disabilities have a…

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Texturing and User Interface Improvements


The aims for OpenDroneMap (ODM) in the context of the HIF are to make a useable, scalable, and fit for purpose tool for drone image processing for humanitarian and disaster…

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