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Program measurement challenges when facing the reality of daily life


When planning our Little Ripples survey assessment with children and their caregivers in refugee camps Mile and Kounoungou, eastern Chad, this past October, I expected to encounter some challenges in…

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Sharing experiences and advocating for improved MHM action in emergencies

IFRC is continuing to advocate for the inclusion of menstrual hygiene in every humanitarian response. Women and girls have menstrual hygiene needs from day 1 of any crisis – and…

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Handwashing station almost ready for action

I arrived at AidEx in Brussels to see the brand new, and final, prototype of the handwashing kit, fresh from the factory. It had been a year since I field…

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Wrapping up


The year is rapidly drawing to an end, and so is this project. Despite the challenges we faced along the way, we are proud of what we have achieved, and…

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Sharing our learning about humanitarian Tiger Worm Toilets

As the Tiger Worm Toilet (TWT) project draws to a close, the team in Myanmar have been working hard to ensure findings from the project are shared far and wide….

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Piloting of the Intervention

One of the central elements of the project was to pilot the intervention among the selected target population. The purpose of the pilot was to assess participation and acceptability of…

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User-Centred Sanitation in Bidibidi Village 16


The HIF-funded project is currently being implemented in two villages in two different refugee settlements in Northern Uganda hosting South Sudanese refugees. One of them is Bidibidi village 16 in…

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The Use of Small -Scale Sampling Surveys on Gender-Based Violence

Population-based surveys help us understand gender based violence (GBV) in communities. These types of surveys have consistently been shown to be ethical and reliable in conducting GBV research as well…

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Gathering Feedback on MSR’s Household Water Treatment System


Through a grant from Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), MSR Global Health is developing an exciting water treatment system designed to bring safe water to households in the developing world….

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Providing Problem Management Plus (PM+) Through Volunteers

Well into the second phase of the project, the organisations who participated in the problem management plus (PM+) training are busy disseminating PM+ across the globe by training staff, supervising…

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