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Proof of Concept for Imaging Buried Metal


This entry demonstrates the capability of millimeter wave (mmW) radar for capturing images of buried metal. Current methods of detection of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) have a false positive rate of…

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Connecting in a disconnected world: SMS to reduce GBV risk

Connecting in a disconnected world: SMS to reduce risk of gender-based violence among displaced adolescents and youth Walking on the streets of Basmane, a low-income neighbourhood in the Turkish city…

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PREP1: Domain Requirements

During April and May 2017, we conducted semi-structured interviews and a small-scale online survey with representatives from across the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) network. In our latest blog post,…

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Optimising the A-frame Handwashing Promotion and Practice Kit


Developing the promotion and practice hand-washing kit (PPHWK) kicked off with an inception meeting in Oxfam house, Oxford on 13 Jan 2017. It brought together all stakeholders and experts in…

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Snapshot of Recent NSI Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, May 2017

Kawangware is a huge Nairobi slum with innumerable pressures on resources we in the West take for granted. To introduce themselves to others on the Monday of this intense five-day…

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Playing to Live Hits the Ground Running in Uganda

What kind of mental health and psychosocial support are adolescent refugees provided in Uganda? At Playing to Live, we are on a mission to find out. After our initial trip…

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Challenges to scaling up crisis modifiers, and a potential solution


A few years ago a number of development agencies working together had a bright idea. They asked themselves why most projects were being planned without considering the risks to the…

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A plant as a potential source for family conflict

It is a flowering evergreen plant, also a mild stimulant, native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. To experience its stimulant properties, users of this plant simply chew the…

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WaterScope: A rapid, handheld bacterial contamination test for drinking water

Background Over 660 million people lack access to clean drinking water, with over 80% living in rural communities; these communities solely rely on external aid. Existing tests are slow, expensive…

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Faircap: Open Design and Innovation


It has been four months since we started receiving HIF support to continue developing the Faircap filter. Since then we have made progress in defining the final 3D design and…

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