The Elrha Governance structure has been established to promote the integrity and independence of Elrha’s strategy and activities and provide scrutiny over Elrha’s programmes in relation to our core stakeholder communities and donors.


The Governance structure consists of the following bodies:

  • Programme Host (Save the Children)
  • The Elrha Steering Committee
  • The Elrha Secretariat
  • Core Programme Boards
  • Independent Funding Committees
  • Technical Working Groups

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Programme Host

The Elrha Secretariat is hosted by Save the Children UK. As a respected International Humanitarian Organisation, Save the Children provides Elrha with a suitably ‘embedded’ location from which to serve its diverse stakeholders and benefit from the institutional support of an established organisation.

Elrha Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is elected to act as a governing body on behalf of all Elrha stakeholders.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide strategic oversight of Elrha’s positioning, governance and strategic direction vis-à-vis Elrha’s stakeholder community. A proportion of the Steering Committee is elected by, and represent, core stakeholder communities in order to communicate their varying views and priorities.

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The Secretariat

The primary role of the Elrha Secretariat is to work with the Steering Committee in developing and delivering the Elrha Strategy.

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Core Programme Boards

The Core Programme Boards are unique groups established to provide expertise and oversight to each of Elrha’s core programmes.

Core Programme Boards are directly responsible for overseeing the design and performance of their relevant programmes including; strategy, range of activities, spending priorities, impact monitoring, fundraising and external positioning and engagement.

See ELRHA’s programmes

Independent Funding Committees

The Funding Committees are the independent assessment and approval mechanisms for the funding facilities provided by Elrha’s grant-making programmes.

Members are expected to conduct their duties on behalf of the wider humanitarian community and the recipients of humanitarian assistance. They sit as independent individuals and do not represent their employing agency.

See ELRHA’s programmes

Technical Working Groups

Additional technical working groups are put in place by Elrha when we launch a programme stream in a particular technical area such as our WASH and GBV streams of work under the Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

See ELRHA’s programmes

Conflict of Interest and accountability

Elrha operates a strict conflict of interest policy to ensure fairness and transparency across our governance and decision making processes.

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CoI Policy

Elrha is hosted by Save the Children, a registered charity in England and Wales (213890) and Scotland (SC039570).

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